Service Pricing
Labor Labor rates are calculated based on the amount of time that it takes to load on site, as well as the estimated time needed to off-load.
Vehicle Charge Calculated at $1 a mile via MapQuest from 209 Water Street, Pembroke to your location and return.
Minimum Charges There is a minimum charge of $75 for pickup of even one item.
Estimates Estimates are free. Estimates cannot be given on areas that can’t be seen due to lack of access. Estimates are in writing, specifically detailing what will be removed and exactly what the cost is. If on the day of removal, you have more things to remove, there will be an additional charge and will depend on space availability in the truck.
Disposal Fees Some items require an additional fee. In some towns, some items can be taken curbside without fee. In those cases, Dirty Deeds will move the item to curbside for pick up, saving you the disposal fee. Dirty Deeds will always check with the local DPW for your town to see if there is a cheaper way to dispose of any of the fee based items and advise you accordingly.
Payment A deposit of 50% of the total estimated cost is required to reserve your job. Payment by personal check or cash is due when the job is completed. We do not accept credit cards. If the cleanout is part of a purchase and sale agreement for a real estate transaction, Dirty Deeds can postpone payment until closing if funds are set aside in escrow with a written escrow document to cover the clean out costs.

Disposal Fees:

Dirty Deeds must pay to dispose of any items that are trash and passes that cost along to the customer.  Disposal charges for items we remove frequently are listed below.

Item Amount per Item
Refrigerators/Freezers $15.00
Dehumidifiers $15.00
Air Conditioners $15.00
Propane tank/bug lights $2.00
Sleeper Sofa $35.00
Mattress $40.00
Upholstered chair $15.00
Box Spring $40.00
Tires $5.00
Sofa $30.00
Television Set (small) $20.00
Television Set (over 25″) $25.00
Rear Projection Television Set $30.00
Computer Monitor $10.00
Fluorescent Bulb/Ballasts $1.00

Construction/Demolition items

They are building materials and waste resulting from new construction, remodeling, repair and minor demolition. They include, but are not limited to: scrap wood, shingles, windows, doors, cabinets, hardware, insulation, sheetrock, wallboard, plaster, electrical wiring material and plumbing. Calculated by total weight.

Hazardous Materials

Dirty Deeds can take not hazardous materials such as paints, stains or gas.