The Dirty Deeds Story
Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap cleans out attics, basements, garages and whole houses. Dirty Deeds specializes in helping seniors who are downsizing and will work with them to go through all their belongings to determine what should make the move and what should not.

About the Owner
Dirty Deeds is owned by Janet LaBerge. Prior to starting Dirty Deeds, Janet had twenty years of experience in social work. It is this background that allows her to sensitively assist people through the process of letting go of their belongings and moving on to a new situation. Letting go of our "stuff" can be hard on anyone, but particularly for seniors who may be leaving a home that they have been in for thirty years or more. Hiring someone who will treat the person and their belongings with dignity and respect can aid the grieving process.
Company Philosophy
Dirty Deeds believes in being responsible to the environment as well as our clients. Anything that can be recycled (cardboard, paper, plastic) will be recycled. Any furniture or household goods that are still useable will find a new home. In June 2013, Janet opened “Good Deeds”, a thrift shop located at 209 Water Street in Pembroke. All useable items from Dirty Deeds come to the store and are sold at reasonable prices. Sales of items cover the cost of running the store. All proceeds are given to a different local charity each month in our “give back” program. This approach saves the client money by reducing the expense of disposal fees and helps in the letting go process because their belongings are finding a new home and giving money back to the community.

In The News
South Shore Women's Business Network

Video of Janet LaBerge, owner of Dirty Deeds, at the SSWBN breakfast giving a tribute to her mother on the lesson she learned from her.

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SSWBN Presidential Acceptance Speech

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For Older People Downsizing, a Compassionate Cleanout Company Helps

Farewell Address - SSWBN Celebration 2012

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Dirty Deeds is a member of:
South Shore Women’s Business Network
The Senior Service Network
The Pembroke Chamber of Commerce
Bay State Human Services Board of Directors (2013-present)

The company is licensed and insured. You can become part of the Dirty Deeds team by ordering your very own t-shirt at: Cafe Press